Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Cumbria

As well as the carpets & upholstery in your homes & businesses we offer a cleaning service for your vehicle interiors, from the smallest car to the largest of coaches. We are able to remove the deep down dirt from the seats and carpets leaving them clean and fresh.

We use state of the art carpet cleaning technology, ideal for public areas such as reception, common hallways, bars, function rooms etc. We offer a 24hr service to avoid disruption to the running of your establishment and we are are on hand for emergencies.

Drying times vary from carpet to carpet, and although we do not advise it they may be walked on while still damp. However most will be dry in approximately 3 hours.

The art of carpet cleaning is not as easy as it seems! Modern day cleaning solutions often bleach or leave soapy residue drawing dirt back to the spot within days. A professional cleaner will have the best chemicals to use on water based stains and solvent based. He will be able to determine which are best suited without destroying the carpet or allowing colours to bleed or stains to re appear.

We use an Airflex turbo system and high quality chemicals, which combine to leave your carpets and sofas looking clean, feeling fresh and smelling pleasant.

Properties we clean

  • Private houses & flats
  • Guest houses & hotels
  • Holiday cottages
  • Offices
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Residential and care homes
  • Restaurants


Graham Airey

017687 71414 (home) or
07738 474544 (mobile)